Ollie....Always a pleasure working with you! You Inspire Us!!
— Heidi Newfield: Trick Pony
From the minute I heard his voice on the phone, I was convinced Mark Oliverius was the one to handle my son’s EPK. After searching long and hard online for a viable videographer, something kept bringing me back to Mark. Not only is Mark an incredible artist, he also a genuine human being. Selfless with his time and skill he did everything possible to ensure my son had everything needed for success, and that our overall experience was comfortable. I definitely recommend Mark and will be working closely with him in the future ourselves.
— Kathryn Chaffin Honda
I’ve gotten such great feedback on the new music video and wanted to give a shoutout to Director Mark Oliverius & OMGNashville. We had such a great time working on shooting the video that we actually forgot we were working! I am so happy with the final product and can’t wait to work with Mark again!
— Levi Pelzer
Hey Mark, I heard a couple of Chelsea’s tracks, and brother you did an amazing job with her!!! Great production and great songs !!!! You are amazing at what you do!!!!
— Gregg Storm.
Mark Oliverius is a diamond in the rough and an artistic soul through and through. It was incredible to work with a man equally as passionate about his art and even more so in helping others develop who they are as artists. I trust no one more with my videography needs and the work Mark did on my EPK was incomparable. Love this man and highly highly recommend.
— Aaron Honda
I’ve played on hundreds of recording sessions. The songs that Mark provides his artists are some of the BEST I’ve ever heard outside of a Major Label Project!
— Rich Herring...Session Player/Little River Band
What Great Fresh Songs! It’s a pleasure working for you Mark. Great session!
— Dow Tomlin...Session Player/Brooks & Dunn/Levon Helm


"...It's a deep love and passion for what he does. It comes across in his production and writing. Singing with Mark every night on the Grits & Glamour tour has been a dream."  Pam Tillis

Satisfied Customers:

"When I think of Mark Oliverius I think of his great talent for picking or writing great songs and then producing them like no one else. His tracks and production always reminds me of my favorite producer David Foster."
TG Sheppard

"Mark Oliverius is probably the most professional Bandleader/Musician/Orchestrator I've ever worked with!  I've never been around such enthusiasm and energy. He hears EVERYTHING...from Stage right to Stage left..to the Recording Studio. Mark is Always about the Song! "

 Matt Spicher, Manager Pam Tillis, Jason Sellers

"Working with Mark grew my confidence as a songwriter and a singer. His high energy, full steam ahead, shoot from the hip attitude keeps you on your toes and pushes you to achieve and improve. He is innovative yet simultaneously careful to not OVER produce. Mark is tasteful and true to the music."
Angie Johnson “The Voice” contestant

"Mark Oliverius is a great talent scout."

Jody Williams, President, BMI Nashville

"Mark Oliverius is a not only a great producer, but a great songwriter, musician and arranger.  He always get's the best out of the artists who come to the studio..."

John Albani, Sonic Eden Studios

"The music is outstanding.... Mark is one of the premiere talent discoverers in Nashville."

Billy Block

"Mark is as good a producer as there is in Nashville."
Bobby Roberts, President Bobby Roberts Entertainment

"Mark is a great producer." 

Lorrie Morgan

"Everything sounds UNBELIEVABLE! I honestly got tears in my eyes as I listened. I'm so proud of this whole project. And I'm stunned at the job you did. Thank you so very much!"  

Ashton Shepard

"There is no one better than Mark Oliverius for capturing raw energy and emotion on tape!"
Bryan Keith Burns of Trick Pony

"Only once or twice in my 30 year career has someone impressed me as much as you Mark. I have always believed that the true key to success is staying focused in the midst of confusion, and lets face it, this business can be very hard to stay focused on at times. You have mastered this key. Your incredible talent as a producer and songwriter has prompted me to drop you a line just to say how much I admire and respect you. Thanks for all you do"
TG Sheppard

"I am convinced that Mark Oliverius is one of the most gifted producers in Nashville and I consider myself very fortunate to have worked with him. His musical creativity and songwriting talent set him apart from everyone else in town. He's just the guy you need in the producer's seat when you're ready to take your career to the next level. I couldn't be happier with the results...these songs are the BEST I have had in my career and they are drawing attention all around Nashville. The quality is unmatched and they sound like they're ready for radio! I am SO proud of this project. Thanks for everything!" 
Jenny Brooks

"I've got to say, I couldn't have met anyone any better than Mark to produce my demo. I just got finished telling my brother how amazing each song we cut sounded. Mark puts a touch that's all his. And what's even more awesome is, it's what I really and truly wanted for my demo. I've sat back listening over and over. I'm loving it so much, that I forget it's me. Mark couldn't have produced this any better. It's leaves me with a whole new confidence." Ashton Shepard

"I wanted my first experience in Nashville to be with the best and Mark provided me with a great studio and the best musicians I have ever worked with. Mark and all the musicians were not only extremely professional, they also made the demo a lot of fun to make. I couldn't have imagined working with a better producer for my first time. He found some great material and worked on my project until it was even better than I hoped for."
Katy Armiger, Singer/Songwriter

"This is great production!"  
Bruce Burch, EMI Music

"If I had to use one word to describe Mark Oliverius, it would be 'soul!' It's the way he writes and performs! It's who he is." 
Robert White Johnson--Producer (Van Zandt), Writer ("Where Does my Heart Beat Now"-Celine Dion), Singer extraordinaire

"....this is remarkable production." 
Jody Williams (President of BMI Nashville commenting on the Hewitt Sisters project).

"I have worked with a lot of producers and written with my share of writers in my time, but I have never found the professionalism and talent wrapped up in one person until working with Mark Oliverius. His tracks are unique and clear...and his work ethic is first class. My favorite co-writer and producer to this day."
Kelly Lang

"Mark Oliverius is the best kept secret in Nashville"
Burt Stein (President, Gold Mountain Entertainment - manages Ronnie Milsap, Lorrie Morgan, Nancy Griffith)
"The Hewitt Sisters are a true talent and a breath of fresh air in our format. With their undeniable harmonies, this duo will make their mark. Listeners will automatically recognize the Hewitt Sisters when they hear their songs on radio. Buddy Lee Attractions is excited and thrilled to represent this new duo."
Tony Conway, President & COO / Buddy Lee Attractions 

"This is one of the hottest, sexiest things I've ever heard. Unbelievable."
Hank Wiliams (Grammy-winning mastering engineer--Alan Jackson, Jimmy Buffet) on the Lorrie Morgan track "The Next One" which Mark co-wrote and produced.

"Mark is a great producer."
Tom Long, Sony/ATV Music

"Mark Oliverius is the best kept secret in Nashville. I'm writing this because he has promised to produce my next album, if not I would have kept him a secret too. Honest, hard working, and the best at what he does, which is produce hit songs. Mark is also a great songwriter. There are so many great singers and so few great songs out there; Mark has a the ability to write great songs, co-write, or find songs that get you noticed. Being a songwriter and a singer myself, I know how hard it is to get noticed; Mark helped me take the first big step, which is to produce a record that is full of hits. Even before I finished my project with Mark, I had record deal offers. On Jan 25th 2008 I signed with Spectra Records, home to Lou Gramm, T-Rex, Tommy 2 Tone, Razzy Bailey and other greats. The end of June Spectra started releasing "Twang Thang" to radio, within three weeks we are already charting. If you have talent, and want the best shot at making it, I would put my money on Mark. He can get you started in the right direction".
The Great...Late...Hoss Howard.

Reviews from Robert K. Oermann(Music Row Magazine):

CHRISTEN SAWYER/Crazy Writer: Oliverius/Sawyer; Producer: Mark Oliverius; Publisher: none listed; Rapid Rise (track) (www.christensawyer.com) —This is not the Willie Nelson/Patsy Cline “Crazy.” It is a feisty little bopper with some sting in its sound. She sings with plenty of oomph, and a sizzling, searing electric guitar echoes her at every turn. This is one hot disc.”

“BURNS & POE…"Second Chance". “In a word, “Wow.” LOVE the track: It pulses like a heartbeat. Michelle aches exquisitely in her lead vocal. The chorus has monstrous hooks. This thing has the wings of a mighty angel.