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Oliverius Music Group is a Nashville based full service music and video production company specializing in helping the emerging artist create a world-class recording and music video which will help drive their career both in the sales of physical goods(CD’s), downloads(the internet) and serve as a promotional vehicle creating cyber awareness via Youtube streaming. Creating and connecting with your fanbase is the the most important thing you can do Keep this in mind when you’re embarking on a recording project.  READ MORE::::>

Finding and selecting the right material is the most important decision a new artist will make. A singers image and direction flow out of the material he or she writes and chooses. At OMG Nashville we make it an easy task to find great songs. Mark Oliverius has listened to over 24,000 songs in the past 23 years from the world’s finest songwriters. These become available to every artist we work with. We then assemble the “team”, putting the artist and some of the finest musicians and engineers in the world together in a comfortable studio to create a superb sounding project.

OMGNashville Presents: It used to be once your music was recorded you looked for traction and promotion at radio. The internet has changed all of that! Youtube is the new normal…it is replacing terrestrial radio! It is the proving ground where the best work rises to the top and creates views and brand awareness. Because Youtube has leveled the playing field, you need an incredibly good, visually stimulating video to create an intimate awareness of your music. OMGNashville Presents offers just that…at a GREAT price. We will create for you not just great music but the video assets to go along with it and help you build a “Plan of Attack” for your career!

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So what's it like working with Mark Oliverius?

Click the thumbnail on the left, watch the video and decide for yourself. Recording stars like Lorrie Morgan and Pam Tillis talk about the atmosphere of professionalism and fun Mark creates in whatever musical environment in which he's working. Plus fellow musicians, sound technicians and budding artists all chime in with their take on why working with Mark is not only rewarding and fun, but also the perfect recipe for musical success.


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